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  upiter Systems is the leading worldwide supplier of network-based multiple-screen display stations and display wall controllers. Our products drive both CRT monitors (for use on a desktop or in an operator's console) and projectors (for use in display walls). All our products feature Virtual Screen capability to make the multiple-screens look and act as if they are a single large logical screen.

Jupiter Systems began operation in 1982. Our first product, introduced in October of that year, was a high performance, high-resolution color graphics terminal designed to provide display capability not available from commodity products. To this day Jupiter is still fully committed to the specialized display market.

Jupiter's early products were based on proprietary hardware and software interfaces. We began using the X Window System in-house in 1985.

In 1989 we introduced our first network-based product using industry standard interfaces. That seminal product was the world's first color X Window terminal. We introduced the first dual-screen X terminal in 1990 and have continued to expand our product line to provide more features, more performance, more reliability and lower cost.

Jupiter introduced its current Fusion 900 Series in September of 2001 and started shipping the first Fusion 950 and 970 systems the following month using Windows 2000 Pro.  With the Fusion Systems, Jupiter introduced the ControlPoint software.  ControlPoint is a complete, integrated, and intuitive software solution for the remote control and management of the Fusion Display Wall.  The Fusion 960 and 980, which started shipping July and October of 2003, saw the  introduction of Windows XP on the display wall controller, and the new Switch Fabric architecture for the Fusion 980.

At Jupiter we manufacture our own hardware as well as develop our own software, so we have total control over our product. Our products are used in applications where the computer/human interface is very important and the user needs to have access to a lot of data at one time

Today, our products are aimed primarily toward the Control Room marketplace, offering a broad range of display wall controllers to satisfy projects of various sizes and budgets.  Jupiterís display wall controllers support Linux and Microsoft Windows NT and 2000 operating systems; include video, RGB and LAN input processing, and are controlled with robust and intuitive software interfaces.

Some of the industries/applications we supply include:

  • Telecommunications Network operation centers (NOCs)

  • Electric Utilities Generation, transmission, distribution

  • Transportation Traffic management, intelligent highways, mass transit systems, long-haul railways, trans-continental pipelines, aqueducts

  • Defense/Aerospace C3I, war rooms, simulation, training

  •  Financial Trading, Trading room floor, wall displays

  •  Process Control Consoles and status displays for all industries

  •  GIS/Earth Resources Seismic exploration, mapping, AM/FM

  •  CAD/CAE Schematic capture, ASIC design, PCB layout

  • Public Sector 911/Computer-aided dispatch, water and waste-water treatment


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