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Jupiter Systems
31015 Huntwood Ave.
Hayward, CA 94544

+1 (510)-675-1000 Phone
+1 (510)-675-1001 Fax


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Our normal business hours are between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm Pacific Time Monday through Friday. The map above indicates Jupiter Systems' headquarters location in Hayward, California at "0" hours, and the approximate number of hours +/- to your location. Please add or subtract hours to determine the most convenient time for you to call. The map is meant to be a general guide and actual time difference may vary depending on how the time zones are drawn at your specific location and the time of year

   Sales Areas

In Mainland China and
Hong Kong, Contact:

   Jupiter Systems China (Shenzhen) Ltd.
   Room D501-503, 5th Floor,
       Shenzhen Tech-Innovation International Bldg.,
   The 10th Kejinan Road, High-Tech Zone,
   Nanshan Dist., Shenzhen, 518057, P.R.C

   +86-755-2672-7856 Phone (5 lines available)  
   +86-755-2672-7852 Fax 


In Europe & Middle East, Contact:

 Alain Cayrel
   Director of Sales for Europe and Middle East, 
   +33 (0)-4-66-71-2595  Phone  
   +33 (0)-4-66-71-2236 Fax
   +33 (0)-6-72-76-8420 Cell  





In the East and East Central 
    US and Canada, Contact:

  James Cooney
     Regional Sales Manager
     +1 (770)-977-5858  voice
     +1 (770)-656-2151 cell
     +1 (770)-578-6313  fax


In the West and West Central
     US and Canada, Contact:

 Kit Shugrue
   Regional Sales Manager
   +1 (510)-675-1033 office
+1 (510)-712-0600  cell
   Based at Corporate Offices, Hayward, CA


In the Central U.S. & Canada Contact:

Craig Stumbaugh
Central U.S. & Canada Regional Sales Manager
     +1 (815) 254-7024 voice
     +1 (815) 254-7073 fax



In Asia, South America, and
   Australia Contact:

 Wayne Wahlenmeier
    V.P. Sales and Marketing
    +1 (510)-675-1030  



 All departments located at Hayward Offices


Wayne Wahlenmeier
    V.P. Sales and Marketing
    +1 (510)-675-1030  

Sales & Marketing 

 Yvonne Cervantes
Sales and Marketing Assistant
+1 (510)- 675-1000



John Stark
    Director of Marketing
    +1 (510)-675-1050
    +1 (510)-415-1259 cell

Thomas Lennemann

   Tradeshow Manager
   +1 (510)-675-1036
   +1 (510)-415-2663 cell


Stephen DeLateur, Ph.D
    V.P. of Engineering
+1 (510)- 675-1080


Tech Support

 Dave Stearns
    Tech Support Supervisor
    Web Master
+1 (510)- 675-1007

 Chuck Kelley
    Director of Operations
+1 (510)-675-1090


Human Resources

 Ellie Burke
+1 (510)-675-1010 



Marianne Quilez

    Sr. Accountant
+1 (510)- 675-1015

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