MX700 Product Family
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for the UNIX/X Window platform there is a Jupiter MX700 Series product to meet your needs. The MX700 Series Display Wall Controllers and Display Stations control multiple high resolution display devices to present a unified image to your users.

*Controllers for Video Walls or

*Controllers for Computer Display Clusters

Multiple high resolution display devices give you the pixel real estate needed to display all your data. And the MX700's "Video-in-a-Window" feature lets you display multiple full-color video signals in windows that can be moved and resized just like graphics and text windows.

Jupiter's Virtual Screen feature allows multiple displays to be treated as a single logical display and to be controlled from a single keyboard and mouse. In Virtual Screen mode, windows can span multiple displays and can be moved freely anywhere on the extended display surface.


Network Display Station

*Drives one or two monitors
*Single or dual Ethernet
*Compact desktop chassis


Network Display Station

*Drives up to six monitors
*Single or dual Ethernet
*Optional live video
*Minitower or rackmount chassis


Network Video Wall Controller

*Drives up to 84 projectors
*Single or dual Ethernet
*Live video capability built-in
*Desktop or rackmount chassis
*Consult the
Video Display Wall Controller Buyer's Guide.


The MX700 Series X Window Display Stations feature a robust X11 server based on the X Consortium's X11R6.3 release. This highly optimized server rigorously adheres to the X protocol yet offers many additional features. Read about all the features of our server, check the server specifications, or peruse individual topics:

*Virtual Screen
*MultiVideo with local client for control
*Boot options
*Font capabilities
*Automatic Host Rollover
*Multiple Ethernets with auto failover
*Audio Server
*Virtual Pixmaps
*Local clients
*Remote cursor (MX750 only)
*Orbiting (MX750 only)

Also, find out about our "PC in a Window" capability which provides access to all programs running in Microsoft Windows or Windows NT through one (or more!) windows on our X Stations.


Jupiter's MX700 series products ship standard with a PS/2-style keyboard and a 3-button mouse. If monitors are ordered we ship a beautiful 21" color monitor.





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