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The Jupiter VizionPlus™ Display Wall Controller, capable of driving up to ten analog or digital projectors to a resolution of 1600x1200 pixels per projector, leads the industry in price-to-performance.  Offering flexible digital and analog input and output options, a robust software suite, and housed in a compact 4U rack mount enclosure, the Vizion Plus is designed to satisfy demanding command-and-control display applications..  

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The Jupiter VizionPlus delivers unequaled ability to drive projector arrays used in control rooms for Military, Corporate Boardroom, Public Utilities, Dispatch/911/Traffic Control, and Telecom applications. The Jupiter VizionPlus includes the following features:

Sixteen Composite and Eight S-Video Inputs

The Jupiter VizionPlus comes standard with 16 composite video BNC and eight S-Video mini-DIN inputs to the system. The integrated video matrix switch and analog video bus allow any video input channel to be directed to any output window, simplifying configuration.  Windows containing video inputs can be moved, scaled, and minimized like any other application window, making the VizionPlus highly flexible and easy to use. Multiple video windows can be placed in a single screen, providing display space for other applications.

Ten RGB Inputs

The VizionPlus comes standard with two HD15 analog RGB inputs and up to an additional eight can be added for a total of ten RGB inputs. RGB input windows can be easily moved, resized, and minimized like any other application window. RGB image quality is guaranteed with automatic software recognition of incoming RGB signals that correlate to existing VESA standard display formats.

Flexible Interface

Combined with powerful video and RGB input capabilities, the Jupiter VizionPlus runs Microsoft’s Windows 2000 or Windows XP Professional operating system, providing compatibility with the vast majority of Windows applications. Standard features include UNIX connectivity software to interface with UNIX and X Window-based applications, the ability to interface with touch panel devices from AMX and Crestron, and networking capabilities to access network-based applications.

Standard ControlPoint™ software manages the placement and display of RGB, video and application windows, monitors system status, and provides open APIs and serial and TCP/IP protocols to customize operations to meet specific customer needs. ControlPoint provides a consistent, intuitive Windows-based GUI interface for creating RGB, video and application windows, interactively placing them on the desktop, and providing the ability to save and restore display wall layouts. ControlPoint also provides simultaneous multi-user interaction with the display wall over a network. Included remote cursor software enables direct manipulation of display wall content over a network, conveniently, with the user’s own keyboard and mouse.

VizionPlus Configurations

The Jupiter VizionPlus can be configured with one, two or four graphics outputs and comes standard with dual HD15 inputs for RGB input. Standard features include 16 composite BNC and eight S-Video mini-DIN inputs, dual hot-swappable 300-watt power supplies, a single removable 80GB hard disk, and front accessible fan filters. The VizionPlus can be optionally configured with up to four additional peripheral devices, either dual HD15 RGB input cards, or quad video processing cards. Increasing RAM to 1GB and a second removable 80GB hard drive are also option. The Jupiter VizionPlus is shipped pre-configured with Microsoft Windows 2000, or optionally Windows XP Professional.


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