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New Jupiter Color Product Sheets are Downloadable Now!

The above new data sheets are available as pdf files for download, as well as the data sheets for the MX700 family of Jupiter's fine products. Click on the pdf File links to view - right click to download.
















Fusion 980 (6 pages)

pdf File - (1.2M)

Fusion 960 (6 pages)

pdf File - (2.4M)

Fusion 964 (6 pages)

Zip File - (1.7M)

Fusion 94
0 (2 pages)

pdf File - (256K)


pdf File- (294K)


Discontinued Products    

Fusion 970 (2 pages)

pdf File - (637K)

Fusion 950 (2 pages)

pdf File - (673K)

Fusion 930 (2 pages)

pdf File - (523K)


Jupiter 850 (2 pages)

pdf File - (111K)*

Jupiter 870 (2 pages)

pdf File - (101K)*

Jupiter 870MP (Multiprocessor)

pdf File - (92K)*

RGB Capture for 870

pdf File - (159K)*

Vizion Series

pdf File- (478K)

MX750 (4 pages)
pdf File - (1.4M)*
MX710/730 (4pages)
pdf File - (1.9M)*
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